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Paule van Parys  &  Jan Van Mol 
Johan Ludwig Krebs (1713—1760)
Concerto a II cembali obligati in a 
                                                        1°          Allegro                           7´ 00´´
                                                        2°          Affettuoso                      6´ 30´´
                                                        3°          Allegro                           4´ 45´´ 
Padre Antonio Soler  (1729—1783)
Concierto de dos organos n° III in G 
                                                        4°          Andantino                      6´ 02´´
                                                        5°          Minué                              6´ 04´´






KREBS is known to have been the favorite pupil of J.S. Bach. The concerto is composed in the style of the recently deceased master in 1753. He had been invited to the Court of Dresden to give a concert there. The amiable central part is written in the fashionable gallant style.

 SOLER was a monk from the monastery  of  Montserrat. For the largest part of his life,  he was attached to the Escorial, the palace where the Spanish Royal Household mostly spent the winter. He had to care for the musical education of the Infante. The Concerto has been written for his lessons of music: it was meant to be executed by his pupil and himself.















PAULE VAN PARYS  and JAN VAN MOL have played for many years in duets for two harpsichords. They have  performed in Belgium, as well as abroad. They have  also performed for radio and TV.