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Paule van Parys  &  Jan Van Mol 
Jan (?) Koželuh  (1738—1814)
Sonata a due cembali (si bémol majeur / B flat major / B-dur) 
                                                        1°          Adagio                                        2´ 06´´
                                                        2°          Allegro                                        9´ 34´´
                                                        3°          Rondo (Allegro)                           3´ 32´´ 
Jan Vanhal  (1739—1813)
Sonata a due cembali  (si bémol majeur / B flat major / B-dur) 
                                                        4°          Allegro                                       7´ 25´´
                                                        5°          Adagio                                       2´ 11´´
                                                        6°          Allegretto                                   4´ 00´´ 
Ludwig van Beethoven  (1770—1827)
                 Sonate ŕ quatre mains pour le clavecin op. 6 (ré maj./D major/D-dur)
                                                       7°          Allegro molto                              3´ 45´´
                                                       8°          Rondo moderato                         3´ 28´´



      The cultural life of the Saxon county capital Dresden attained a luster that was a match to the imperial  court of Vienna. In the second half of the 18th century we meet at the court of August III princess Amalia, as an example of an exceptionally gifted dilettante of nobility. Her teacher, Joseph Schuster, assembled for her a collection of works for two harpsichords which is unqualified. Two of them are the sonatas for two harpsichords by Koželuh and by Vanhal.

   The “Sonate ŕ quatre mains” by Beethoven (printed immediately before the French Revolution) is quite an innocent piece for two performers on one keyboard, with a classical strain in it.



PAULE VAN PARYS  and JAN VAN MOL have played for many years in duets for two harpsichords. They have  performed in Belgium, as well as abroad. They have  also performed regularly for radio and TV.